3404.     THRING, M. W.  Underground Gasification and British Coal Measures.  Inst. Fuel, Wartime Bull., February 1944, pp. 103-104; Chem. Abs., vol. 38, 1944, p. 2471.

        Review of recent Russian methods of underground gasification, including the chamber, sloping seam, gallery, and radial methods.  The sloping seam method, applicable to seams inclined as much as 70, appears most practical.  Gas produced varies 115-210 B.t.u. and is said to contain, during the suction phase, H2 and CO in the proper proportions for hydrocarbon synthesis.

        TIBIRICA, J.  See abs. 2240.

        TIKHONOVA, Z. T.  See abs. 1789.