3403.     ---------------,  [THORNTON, D. P.]  Higher Propane Yields in Gasoline Plants by Hypersorption Process.  Petrol. Processing, vol. 3, No. 11, 1948, p. 1052-1054.

        Summary of a paper by H. Kehde at the California Natural Gasoline Association meeting.  Compare abs. 1070 and 1708.  Basically the process depends on the adsorption of selected components of the gas by activated charcoal, 10-40 mesh, flowing continuously from the top of the hypersorption tower under controlled flow.  The operation of a hypothetical plant is described.  Investment and operating cost data for a plant recovering 98.5% propane are given.  With a capital investment of $542,000 and total operating expense, including amortization in 5 yr., of $355,100, the cost per lb. of propane with a yearly production of 18.1 million gal. is $0.0153.  At a market value of $0.068 per gal. for the propane, a payout time of 0.61 yr. before taxes is obtained.

        ----------.  See abs. 1207.