3402.     ---------------,  [THORNTON, D. P.]  Japanese Research on Fuels.  Petrol. Processing, vol. 2, No. 11, 1947, pp. 815-820.

        Summary of the principal sources of fuels and lubricants and of the research work performed by the Japanese in obtaining supplies for war activities.  The data are taken from the reports of the United States Naval Technical Mission to Japan.  The peak year of the Seven-Year Plan to achieve a yearly production of about 1,000,000 k. (6,300,000 bbl.) each of synthetic gasoline and fuel oil by 1943 occurred in 1944 when 114,000 kl. were produced, divided as follows:  Hydrogenation 700 kl., Fischer-Tropsch 17,800 kl., low-temperature carbonization 95,400 kl.