3400.     ---------------.  [THOREN, F.]  [Activity and Temperature Relationships for Nickel Catalysts.  II.]  Ztschr. anorg. Chem., vol. 165, 1927, pp. 171-191; Chem. Abs., vol. 21, 1927, p. 3804.

        Previously reported experiments on the hydration of C2H4, C6H6, and O2 using the static method, indicated a stepwise increase in activity of Ni catalysts with increase in temperature.  Further experiments on the hydration of C2H4, using the dynamic method and a single catalyst, confirmed the earlier results.  The average temperatures at which the irregular increases in activity occurred, appeared to be -18, 10, 41, 61, 81, 100, 120, 139, and 163.  The results were not reproducible with different samples of the same catalyst.