3397.     THOMSON, G. H., AND GIVEN, P. H.  Hydrocarbon Synthesis.  Butterworth’s Sci. Publication, “Progress in Coal Science”, London, 1950, pp. 332-352; Fuel Abs., vol. 8, No. 6, 1950, abs. 4602.

        Synthesis process for production of motor fuel and aliphatic compounds for the chemical industry are reviewed.  Production of synthesis gas and S removal; catalysts, their life, regeneration, and recovery; plant design and operation; primary products; and effect of pressure and other operating variables are outlined.  Secondary products include high-grade motor fuel, lubricants, synthetic soaps and edible fats, sulfate detergents, and alcohols.  Related processes described include isosynthesis, Oxo synthesis, use of Ru catalysts, and oxidation of hard wax.  Theories of catalyst structure and reaction mechanism are given.  Recent developments include the modified Fischer-Tropsch process, use of fluidized bed.  Fe catalysts, and lower H2:CO ratios giving modified products.  All these plus cheaper synthesis gas production are necessary before the process can become a commercial proposition.