3391.     THOMAS, B. W., AND SEYFRIED, W. D.  Mass-Spectrometer Analyses of Oxygenated Compounds.  Anal. Chem., vol. 21, No. 9, 1949, pp. 1022-1026.

        By means of special techniques, mass spectrometric methods have been developed for the quantitative determination of individual oxygenated compounds containing 5 or less C atoms per mol.  In mixtures containing 6 or less components the average accuracy is better than 1% based on the total sample; for more complex mixtures, the accuracy is in the order of 2% or less.  H2O in moderate concentrations has a negligible effect on the accuracy of the oxygenated compound determinations, and H2O is determined with an average deviation of 1%.  A complete analysis of a 6-component mixture can be performed in about 2 hr., and only a few drops of sample are needed.  Calibration data for 10 alcohols, 3 ketones, 6 aldehydes, 3 esters, 4 acids, and 2 ethers are presented.