3385.     --------------.  [THAU, A.]  [Treatment of Coal for the Production of Power Materials.]  Ztschr. Ver. deut. Ing., vol. 82, 1938, pp. 129-138; Coal Carbonisation, vol. 4, 1938, p. 64; Chem. Abs., vol. 32, 1938, p. 3124.

        Review of all the principal methods of coal processing for the production of fuels from coal.  The methods that have been developed for the low-temperature carbonization of hard coals and brown coal are enumerated, and descriptions are given of the Lurgi internally heated ovens and the Borsig-Geissen rotary alloy-steel retorts.  Particulars are given of the Bubiag-Didier, Koppers, Wintershall-Schmalfeldt, Pintsch-Hillebrand, Lurgi, Schmidt and Groh, and Demag gasification processes for the production of synthesis gas.  Processes for the synthesis of motor fuels by hydrogenation vary according to whether the hydrocarbon is treated in the gaseous, liquid, or solid phase.  All the chief processes are described with flow diagrams and representative data.  The paper concludes with notes on the processing of tar, the economics of the manufacture of motor fuels from coal, and a bibliography of 28 refs.