3383.     --------------.  [THAU, A.]  [Synthesis of Benzine by the Bindley Process.]  Oel u. Kohle, vol. 13, 1937, pp. 350-353; British Chem. Abs., 1937, B, p. 750.

        S content of the initial gas is reduced to 0.002 gm. per m.3 by 1st removing the H2S over Fe oxide, hydrogenating the organic S compounds over a CuO-PbCrO4 catalyst, and finally removing the H2S so produced by means of Fe oxide, followed by washing with aqueous K3Fe(CN)6.  The synthesis itself is carried out at 200 per atm. in presence of a Ni-Mn-Al2O3-kieselguhr catalyst.  The latter is agglomerated by mixing it with Et orthosilicate and exposing it to moist air before reduction.  Ordinary water gas (CO, 42; H2, 48%) may be used as the initial gas.  The process is preferably carried out in stages, the hydrocarbons formed being removed after each stage.  The course of the reaction may be represented by 9 CO+18H2=(CH2)9+9 H2O.