3372.     TERNISIEN, J.  [Catalytic Oxidation and Influence of Catalyst Surface.]  Chim. et ind., vol. 58, 1947, pp. 234-237.

        Because of the ease with which H2 is more or less adsorbed between 300 and 700 C., it was used in the study of surface.  Adsorption by catalyst, with or without support is compared.  Calculation using the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller equation showed the supported catalyst to be far superior to the nonsupported.  The active surface of the supported catalyst lost 5% of its efficiency at 500 C., 26% at 600, and 75% at 650.  After several hours use at the last temperature it lost 39%.  The dimensions of surface for the same quantity of metal catalyst deposited are determined by comparing them to a standard surface magnified and photographed by the electron microscope.