3370.     TENENBAUM, M., AND JOSEPH, T. L.  Reduction of Iron Ores Under Pressure by Carbon Monoxide.  Am. Inst. Min. and Met. Eng., Tech. Pub. 1134, 1939, 18 pp.; Chem. Abs., vol. 34, 1940, p. 2752.

        Most rapid rate of reduction was obtained with H2.  Rate was increased 40% by doubling pressure.  With pure CO, the rate was about that with pure H2.  Doubling the pressure increased rate of reduction by 23%.  Dilution of CO with N2 to form bosh gas lowered reduction rate by .  Doubling the pressure increased the rate about 20%.  Substitution of 8.2% CO2 for an amount of CO in bosh gas reduced rate still further.  Pressure is most effective when applied to strongly reducing gases, rather than to those approaching equilibrium composition.  Theoretical considerations are discussed.

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