3358.     ---------------.  [TECHNICAL OIL MISSION.]  Winkler Method of Gasification.  TOM Reel 118, LU II 84; Bureau of Mines Transl. T-400, Aug. 14, 1947, 6 pp.; TOM Reel 274, frames 1,095-1,100.

        Theory and operation together with operating data are presented.  This process permits the gasification of a wide range of fuels with maximum efficiency.  Its specific gas production amounts to 1,000-4,000 m.3 per m.2 of cross section of the shaft per hr., as compared with, at most, 800-1,000 m.3 in the modern rotating-grate gas producer.  It has the further specific advantage of permitting the production of various types of gases, depending on the choice of gasifying agent and the style of operation.  A diagram is shown.