3357.     ---------------.  [TECHNICAL OIL MISSION.]  Translations of German Documents on Mathematical Expressions for Thermodynamic Relationships and the Calculation of Yields in the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis.  Bureau of Mines Transl., February 1947, 78 pp.; TOM Reel 259, item 16.

        Report consists of 4 translations of Technical Oil Mission Reel 134, Documents Ib-1, Ib-2, Ib-3, and Ib-4, identified, respectively, as:  Thermodynamic Expressions for the Formation and Stability of Hydrocarbons, 8 pp.; Thermodynamics of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, 23 pp.; Calculation of Gas Consumption and Synthesis Course in the Hydrogenation of CO, 38 pp.; Calculation of Yield for Higher Hydrocarbons Based on Recent Methods, 9 pp.