3351.     ---------------.  [TECHNICAL OIL MISSION.]  Thyssen-Galocsy Process.  TOM Reel 65, frames 1-4, May 1945; Bureau of Mines Transl. T-402, Aug. 21, 1947, 3 pp.; TOM Reel 274, frames 1113-1115.

                    This process applies O2 instead of air-blast for the complete gasification of solid fuel.  It carries out the combustion in 2 stages with regulation of temperature, so that the refractory lining of the shaft is not destroyed by excess heat.  An industrial-scale producer was installed and operated during the war and gave full satisfaction.  Many advantages are quoted, among which are highly increased output in comparison with other plants (100,000-1,000,000 m.3 per day in a single unit), high thermal efficiency, continuous working, utilization of cheap fuels, recovery of large amounts of low-temperature tar, and cheap gas for industrial heating and synthesis purposes.  It is especially applicable in blast furnaces for the reduction of Fe ore.