3342.     TAYLOR, H. S., AND SICKMAN, D. V.  Adsorption and Reactions at Surfaces of Zinc Oxide.  Jour. Am. Chem. Soc., vol. 54, 1932, pp. 602-613; Chem. Abs., vol. 26, 1932, p. 1852.

        Difficulties in measurement of the velocity of decomposition of alcohols on ZnO surface are discussed.  The importance of the adsorption of H2O in the decomposition of alcohols is shown.  Evidence for an activated adsorption of H2O on ZnO is given.  The velocity of adsorption of H2 by ZnO was measured in the range 0-360; isotherms were obtained at -191 and -78.5.  The heats of adsorption of 2 types of adsorption of H2 by ZnO were determined.  A theory of activated adsorption is developed mathematically, which gives expressions for the temperature of maximum adsorption.  Methods of calculating the activation energy and heat of adsorption are given.

        TAYLOR, J.  See abs. 2041.

        TAYLOR, P. S.  See abs. 1099.