3326.     TATIEVSKAYA, E. P., AND CHUFAROV, G. I.  [Effect of Carbon Dioxide on the Velocity of Reduction of Magnetite and Hematite by Carbon Monoxide.]  Jour. Phys. Chem. (U.S.S.R.), vol. 13, 1939, pp. 495-501; Chem. Abs., vol. 34, 1940, p. 1284.

        Experimental data over the temperature range 400-900 and at gas pressures of 0.02-0.20 mm. Hg are given.  The retarding effect of CO2 on the initial stage of reduction of magnetite is considerable at 500 and negligible at 900; CO2 does not affect the initial reduction of hematite, but, after a Fe3O4 surface layer has once formed, hematite behaves the same as magnetite.