3324.     TAMMANN, G., AND EWIG, K.  [Contribution to the Knowledge Concerning Cementite.]  Ztschr. anorg. Chem. vol. 167, 1927, pp. 385-400; Chem. Abs., vol. 22, 1928, p. 570.

        Temperature-magnetization curves of C steels, ranging 0.15-3.9% C, indicate an abrupt lowering in magnetizability at 200-220.  This lowering is proportional to the C content and, therefore, to the Fe3C content.  Lowering of the magnetizability during the pearlitic transformation becomes less with increasing C content.  Since Fe3C loses its magnetic properties at 210, some of it was heated to various temperatures and temperature-magnetization curves were obtained.  After heating Fe3C for 5 hr. at 500, the curves showed no noticeable decrease at 210.  This indicates that after heating at 500 for 5 hr., Fe3C is completely decomposed into Fe and C.  The probable effects of dissolved gaseous impurities, and of including the Fe3C in a structure of ferrite (as in steel), upon the decomposition temperature of Fe3C are discussed.  The heat of transformation of Fe3C (magnetic=nonmagnetic variety) cannot exceed 0.02 cal. per gm. With a dilatometer the increase in volume at the temperature of the magnetic transformation (200-215) was 0.0714 mm.3 per gm. of Fe3C.  This change in volume should produce noticeable changes in the physical properties of steels and, also, in white cast Fe.  A study of the effect of the addition of Si, Mn, Ti, Al, and B upon the magnetic transformation temperature was undertaken.  Al and Ti were without effect.  5% Si has little effect; 14% Si lowers the transformation temperature 100; 3% Mn lowers this temperature 100; 0.5% B lowers the temperature 200.

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