3323.     TAMMANN, G., AND BANDEL, G.  [Heat Content and     Specific Volume of Iron-Carbon Alloys.]  Arch. Eisenhüttenw., vol. 7, 1934, pp. 571-578; chem. Abs., vol. 28, 1934, p. 4356.

        Literature on heat content, specific heat, and specific volume of Fe-C alloys and their changes in melting is compiled.  Diagrams of state in 3 dimensions are constructed showing dependence of heat content and specific volume on C content and temperature.  The γ-solid solutions must be considered, by their lattice parameters, as embedded solid solutions; the C atoms are situated between the lattice points, which are occupied only by Fe atoms, whereby the lattice is widened.  The specific volume of Fe-C alloys 1,100°-1,650° increases slightly with C content.  Pressure has little influence on the temperature of pearlite transformation.