3317.     ---------------.  [TAHARA, H., ISHIBASHI, T., AND KODAMA, S.]  Preparation of Isobutanol From Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.  IV.  Results of Syntheses in Long Runs.  Jour. Soc. Chem. Ind. (Japan), vol. 45, suppl. binding, 1942, pp. 91-92; Chem. Abs., vol. 45, 1951, p. 2849.

        Catalyst of Cu 1, Cr 4, and K2CO3 4 parts was heated at 490 and the gases passed over it at a pressure of 180 kg. per 3 cm.2 at the rate of 200 l. per hr.  At the start, 44 cc. fluid per m.3 gas was obtained and at the end of 48 hr., only 19 cc.  The concentration of iso-BuOH fell from 37 to 30% in 10 hr. and to 24% of the product in 100 hr.  The concentration of MeOH increased with time.  The products contained about 10% C:O compounds with a ratio of aldehydes to ketones of 4:1, and 12-16% hydrocarbons.

        TAKAGI, H.  See abs. 1485.