3310.     SUSTMANN, H.  [Attempts to Change Properties of Kogasin by Compression up to 12,000 Atmospheres.]  Brennstoff-Chem., vol. 21, 1940, pp. 246-250; Chem. Zentralb., 1941, I, p. 850; Chem. Abs., vol. 35, 1941, p. 7694.

        Attempt to produce lubricating oil by polymerizing unsaturated hydrocarbons in Kogasin (I) by applying pressure.  A (I) fraction (b. 50-250) in a Pb- or Zn-plated Pb tube was compressed to 5,000 kg. per cm.2 and 11,700 kg. per cm.2 for 1-5 hr., and the change in n was noted.  Inconclusive results were obtained.  Experiments using the Pt tubes are suggested as likely to yield more precise data.

        SUTCLIFFE, H. T.  See abs. 24.

        SWIFT, A. H. See abs. 622.