3309.     SULLIVAN, F. W.  Fuel-Synthesis Byproducts as Source of Chemicals.  Chem. Eng. Progress, vol. 43, No. 12, 1947, pp. 13-17; British Abs., 1948, B, I, p. 283.

        Impact that the synthetic chemical development by way of the Hydrocol process will have upon organic chemical production is presented, and the estimated production from a probable 10 Hydrocol plants is compared with U.S. production.  The fact is that the total weight of the chemicals from Hydrocol operation on this scale is more than 2/3 the weight of the present production of these chemicals.  Furthermore, the total volume of products from 10 plants would be considerably greater than the present production of coal tar on which a large part of the organic chemical industry is based.