3308.     STUHLPFARRER, -----.  [Catalytic Cracking of Hydrocarbons.]  FIAT Reel K-28, frames 6232-6259, Aug. 26, 1940, PB  70,185-s; TOM Reel 295.

                    It is desired to crack Diesel oils from the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis consisting of predominantly unbranched paraffins with 11-18 C atoms into hydrocarbons with 3-5 C atoms by polymerization by which antiknock gasolines can be obtained.  The production of CH4 and C2 hydrocarbons is to be avoided.  In the apparatus described, natural and synthetic Al hydrosilicates were tested as catalysts and compared.  Best results were obtained with those of Al2O3-4 SiO2 composition.  For the production of large amounts of unsaturated hydrocarbons, the catalysts must contain dehydrogenating additions such as Cr and Ba oxides.  1 diagram, 12 tables.

        STURKEY, L.  See abs. 1390.

        SUCKSMITH, W.  See abs. 635, 2694, 2695.