3306.     STRIMBECK, G. R., HOLDEN, J. H., ROCKENBACK, L. P., CORDINER, J. B., AND SCHMIDT, L. D.  Pilot-Plant Gasification of Pulverized Coal With Oxygen and Highly Superheated Steam.  Bureau of Mines Rept. of Investigations 4733, 1950, 41 pp.; Bib. of Tech. Repts., vol. 15, 1951, p. 43; PB 101,855; Proc. Am. Gas Assoc., 1950, pp. 501-563.

        Pilot-Plant data are reported for 31 runs on the gasification of 90% through 200-mesh of a strongly coking Sewickley-bed coal with O2 and with superheated steam in 3 temperature ranges 2,700-3,400 F., 1,600-2,000 F., and 230-250 F., at feed rates of 200-450 lb. per hr.  Average requirements per 1,000 std. cu. ft. of CO+H2 produced are:

Steam temperature, F.

Coal, lb.

O2, std. cu. ft.

Steam, lb.













In general, the pilot plant performed very well.  Continuous operation was possible, the runs being terminated voluntarily.  The performance data indicate that the process could furnish low-cost synthesis gas on a commercial scale.  The % gasification of the coal was very satisfactory.  Average % C gasified was 8.9, 89.9, and 85.2 in the high-, medium-, and low-temperature steam runs, respectively.  The O2 requirement per 1,000 std. cu. ft. of CO+H2 produced in the high-temperature steam runs was lower than for any other continuous process known.  Correlations re presented on steam decomposition, O2 required per 1,000 cu. ft. of CO+H2 in the make gas, % CO2, and H2:CO ratio in the make gas.  Refractory materials suitable for use in superheating steam to the range of 2,700-3,400 F. have been found to be available at a reasonable cost.  Apparatus is described with the aid of flow diagrams.

          STRONG, H. W.  See abs. 2448.