3296.     STORCH, H. H., GOLUMBIC, N., AND ANDERSON, R. B.  The Fischer-Tropsch and Related Syntheses.  John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1951, 610 pp.

        Much current interest has been aroused by the Fischer-Tropsch process -- a process that will undoubtedly benefit our fuel economy when its technology becomes better known and more profitable.  Its possibilities are being explored in several directions at the present time; ultimately this versatile and flexible process may play a major role in the utilization of our fuel resources.  Written primarily for chemists and chemical engineers engaged in the Fischer-Tropsch or similar process development, this book, in the main, is concerned with a critical review of the development of this and related syntheses.  The Fischer-Tropsch process -- one of the most-recent advances in the scientific and industrial development of CO reactions -- synthesizes liquid aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, fatty acids, ketones and aldehydes by hydrogenation of CO.  The basic chemistry, industrial operations, and the result of catalyst testing and pilot plant developments by industrial laboratories and by the Bureau of Mines are presented together with a discussion of theoretical and applied contact catalysis, synthesis mechanism, kinetics, and thermodynamics.