3289.     ---------------.  [STORCH, H. H.]  Motor-Fuel Synthesis.  Oil Gas Jour., vol. 46, No. 26, 1947, p. 96.

        Paper presented at the meeting of the Philadelphia section of the American Chemical Society.  The fluidized catalyst technique is described, pilot-plant tests of which have shown that such a plant may operate continuously for as long as 1,600 hr., and will produce chiefly gasoline with minor amounts of diesel fuel and chemicals.  The method developed by the Bureau of Mines for removing the exothermic heat of reaction from the synthesis converter by injecting oil into the converter with the gas mixture also is described.  The efficiency of the method is high but still has 2 disadvantages over the fluidized catalyst method in that the latter is about 50% faster in operation and requires about 25% less steel for installation.  Further experiments are under way which may improve the efficiency of the oil-cooled converter.