3282.     STORCH, H. H.  Behavior of Zinc Oxide and Zinc Oxide-Chromium Oxide Catalysts in the Decomposition and Synthesis of Methanol.  Jour. Phys. Chem., vol. 32, 1928, pp. 1743-1747; Chem. Abs., vol. 23, 1929, p. 816.

        Details of preparation of several precipitated and supported ZnO and ZnO-Cr2O3 catalysts are reported.  Their activities for the synthesis of MeOH from 4 H.:1 CO gas mixtures at 3,000 l. per sq. in. and about 350 are compared.  The addition of Cr2O3 to a ZnO catalyst in proportions of 200 gm. ZnO to 22 gm. Cr2O3 showed more activity than pure ZnO or pure  Cr2O3.  There was, however, no appreciable difference in activity between the catalysts when used to decompose MeOH at atmospheric pressure.  The mixed oxide catalyst was virtually inactive for the synthesis of MeOH below 300, and at 350 the yield was less than at 330.