3275a.     STERNBERG, H. W., WENDER, I., AND ORCHIN, M.  Analysis of Mixtures of Dicobalt Octacarbonyl and Cobalt Carbonyl Anion.  Anal. Chem., vol. 24, 1952, p. 174-176.

          Study of the hydroformylation (Oxo) process in the laboratory required the analysis of mixtures containing both dicobalt octacarbonyl, [Co)(CO4]2, and Co carbonyl anion, [Co(CO)4]-, the latter being present either as Co hydrocarbonyl, HCo(CO)4, or as a Co salt.  Because no method was available for this purpose, the authors devised the present procedure.  The 2-step method depends on the decomposition of all corbonyls, by treatment with I, to yield CO; and the selective precipitation of the anion by Ni o-phenanthroline chloride, followed by decomposition of the precipitate with liberation of CO.  As the determination is based on a gasometric procedure, it is suited for the analysis of mixtures, such as those from the hydroformylation reaction, which may contain Co salts and metallic Co.

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