3273a.     STEITZ, A., AND BARNES, D. K.  Products of the Hydrogenation of Carbon Monoxide Over an Iron Catalyst.  Water-Soluble Oxygenated Compounds.  Am. Chem. Soc., 121st Meeting abs., March-April 1952, p. 10-M.

        Seven acids and 27 nonacid chemical compounds have been identified in the H2O stream produced by hydrogenation of CO over an Fe catalyst.  These compounds are principally straight-chain alcohols, acids, aldehydes, and ketones.  Esters, cyclic ketones, and branched-chain alcohols, aldehydes and acids are present in minor amounts.  The nonacid chemicals were separated from the H2O stream by fractional distillation to 96, and the acids were separated from the aqueous residue by solvent extraction.  After removal of the solvent, the acids were recovered in high purity by fractionation.  Upon fractionation of the concentration nonacid chemicals, a distinctive distillation curve exhibiting 6 plateaus was obtained.  Most of these plateaus represented complex mixtures of binary and ternary azeotropes.  Quantitative analysis of the nonacid chemicals was obtained by a combination of fractional distillation and analysis for functional groups.

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