3273.     STEINKOHLENBERGWERK.  [Fuels, Lubricants, Textile Auxiliaries, and Other Organic Products.]  FIAT Reel X117, frames 2,561-3,422; PB 82,011.

        In addition to brief single reports and monthly and activity reports, the film contains detailed summarizing reports on lubricating oil synthesis, Oxo synthesis, paraffin oxidation, paraffin chlorination, etc.  In particular, the reports deal with synthesis lubricating oil from kogasin and tar distillation products, condensation of cracked Fischer gatsch and naphthalene, chlorinated Fischer hydrocarbons and naphthalene, testing various oils, consistent greases from synthetic fatty acids with the use of the acids of the 1st and last runnings from the paraffin oxidation, production of solid soaps from liquid fatty acids and the application of dicarboxylic acids for fully synthetic fibers.

        STEINMANN, A.  See abs. 1611.