3271.     STEINBRECHER, H.  [Petroleum Substitutes in Germany.]  Hamburger Tech. Nachrichten, Jan. 28, 1936; Coal Carbonisation, vol. 2, 1936, p. 81.

        Production of oil from brown coal by low-temperature carbonization, hydrogenation, and gasification will supply about 35% of the domestic demand for motor and fuel oil; present construction of low-temperature plants will increase the national output considerably.  The high-pressure hydrogenation process, mainly applied to the production of gasoline, can be adapted to the production of gas oil, fuel oil, and lubricating oil as required.  The gasification of brown coal or its semicoke is very attractive, the water gas being synthesized by the Fischer-Tropsch process with a good yield of liquid hydrocarbons.  It is considered that all German motor fuel requirements could be met by processing brown coal, leaving the small domestic supply of natural petroleum for use in preparing lubricants.

        STEINBRINK, H.  See abs. 1834, 1835.