3270.     STEINBRECHER, -----., AND WEINGÄRTNER, -----.  [Efficiency and Life of the Gasoline Synthesis Catalyst.]  FIAT Reel K-30, frames 7,468-7,492, January 1938, PB 73,587; TOM Reel 297.

        Laboratory and plant tests on the influence of the synthesis gas and its impurities on the efficiency and life of the catalyst.  Included among the impurities of the synthesis gas are inert gases (N2, CO2, CH4, C2H6, etc.), O2, S compounds, resins, and resin-forming substances.  All these impurities diminish the efficiency of the catalyst and shorten its life.  Tests aiming at the reduction of this deterioration by increasing the gas throughout and diminishing the height of the charge still are underway.