3261.     STANLEY, J. K.  Diffusion and Solubility of Carbon in a-Iron.  Jour. Metals, vol. 1, No. 10, Trans., 1949, pp. 752-761; Chem. Abs., vol. 43, 1949, p. 9004.

        Diffusion of C in a-Fe was determined by 2 methods.  1, the Van Orstrand-Dewey method, consisted of diffusing the C from a high-C Fe containing 0.68% C, corresponding to fine pearlite, into an essentially C-free Fe.  The diffusion of C does not appear to be affected by grain size, deoxidation, or small additions of Se and Co.  The present methods did not lend themselves toward determining if D varied with concentration.  At 725 the diffusion of C is over 100 times as fast as it is in a-Fe.