3251.     STÄBLEIN, F., AND SCHROETER, K.  [Determination of the Magnetic Saturation of Iron Carbide.]  Ztschr. anorg. Chem., vol. 174, 1928, pp. 193-215; Chem. abs., vol. 22, 1928, p. 4349.

        Ballistic method for finding the saturation value of the intensity of magnetization is described in detail, including the calibration of the apparatus and the experimental determination of the various corrections necessary.  The results indicated that the method could be relied upon for powders.  Fe3C was prepared from pig Fe by solution in 0.1 N cold H2SO4.  Tests on this gave 12,400 gausses as the saturation value for 4πJ, where J is the intensity of magnetization.  By extrapolation from 2 specimens of C steel containing 0.46% and 0.95% of C, respectively, an average value of 12,300 gausses was obtained.  The authors, therefore, conclude that the most probable value for saturation is 4πJ=12,350 gausses.