3250.     ---------------.  [SRIKANTAN, B. S.]  Reactions at the Surface of Hot Metallic Filaments.  III.  The Reaction CO2+H2→H2O+CO on Platinum Coated With Barium Oxide.  Jour. Indian Chem. Soc., vol. 6, 1929, pp. 959-967; Chem. Abs., vol. 24, 1930, p. 2036.

        Layer of BaO, formed on a Pt wire by thermal decomposition of Ba(NO3)2, adsorbs 1 of the reactants, CO2, and gives reproducible results in studying the formation of CO and H2O at 612-826.  The reaction velocity rises slowly at the beginning of the reaction until a steady state is reached.  The rate increases with increasing pressures of CO2 up to 300 mm. and is depressed by excess H2.  The temperature coefficient and energy of activation fall with rise of temperature.