2983.     ---------------.  [RUHRCHEMIE, A.-G.]  [Fischer-Tropsch Plant.]  FIAT Reel AA-77, Oct. 12, 1945, frames 1-135; PB 70,267; TOM Reel 281.

        Report is a comprehensive description, in both German and English, of the Ruhrchemie Fischer-Tropsch plant and equipment, with flow sheets and plant diagrams.  The following operations are described:  Water-gas production, including feed-water purification and recooling; the synthesis plant, including desulfurizing of synthesis gas, H2 production (CO conversion), and low-pressure and medium-pressure synthesis; condensation plant and operation; adsorption by active C; working up and stabilization of primary products; paraffin production; the alkazid process for production of CO2 from residual gas; lubricating-oil production; and Oxo synthesis with flow sheet.  Estimates are made of plant damage and time necessary to place the separate units in operation.

        RUKA, R.  See abs. 1284.