2980.     ---------------.  [RUHRCHEMIE, A.-G.]  [Properties of the Primary Products From Thorium and Magnesium-Thorium Catalysts.]  FIAT Reel L-5, July 29, 1938, frames 423-451; June 17, 1938, frames 452-456; PB 70,159; TOM Reel 299.

        Comparative survey of the results obtained from the examination of primary products from the above 2 catalysts when applied in single furnaces and in furnaces under ordinary working plant conditions, respectively.  The gasolines produced in the single furnace from Mg-Th catalysts differ in no way from those obtained in actual plant operation.  Any variations noted in the olefin content of the gasoline hydrocarbons are irrelevant.  There is a definite relation between the boiling point and the octane number of the gasolines.  A large amount of tabular data is presented.