2979.     ---------------.  [RUHRCHEMIE, A.-G.]  [Production of Aviation Gasoline.]  FIAT Reel L-5, June 17, 1941, frames 242-268; PB 70,159; TOM Reel 299.

        Properties required in an aviation gasoline are discussed, and the operating procedure for its production from the products of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis is presented.  There are 2 principal groups of substances to be used as base materials:  The C4 and C5 hydrocarbons and those constituents boiling above 200.  The latter are cracked in a plant especially developed by Ruhrchemie, while the primarily produced straight chain unsaturated C4-C5 hydrocarbons are isomerized into the corresponding branched hydrocarbons.  These have the same qualities as the C4-C5 hydrocarbons obtained from the catalytic cracking.  From these products a pure aliphatic aviation gasoline of high quality is obtained by polymerization and distillation.