2975.     ---------------.  [RUHRCHEMIE, A.-G.]  [Test With a Paraffin-Forming Iron Catalyst.]  FIAT Reel L-5, Aug. 20, 1943, frames 173-183; PB 70,159; TOM Reel 299.

        Paraffin-forming Fe catalyst (100 Fe, 5 Cu, 10 CaO, 150 kieselguhr), the reduction of which had been started at the factory, was examined.  The test was carried out in a 4.5-m. double-tube furnace with water-gas recirculation.  The yield, which was considered to be satisfactory, amounted to 120 gm. of liquid product per m.3 of useful gas, including gasol, and with a gas conversion of 70%.  An intermediate extraction to attain the original high generation of paraffin did not have the desired result.