2969.     ---------------.  [RUHRCHEMIE, A.-G.]  [Paraffin Synthesis on Iron Catalyst.]  FIAT Reel L-5, Sept. 10, 1941, frames 96-108; PB 70,159; TOM Reel 299.

                    Paraffin synthesis was carried out with water gas (CO:H2=1.25) in circulation on an Fe catalyst (100 Fe:10 CaO:5 Cu:150 kieselguhr).  This catalyst had been precipitated with KOH and had the highest kieselguhr content attained so far.  The long duration test, 124 days at 247 and 20 atm., produced a yield of 134.6 gm. per m.3 including gasoil and a CO+H2 conversion of 75%.  In contrast to previous tests a white crude paraffin, free of any catalyst particles was obtained.  The long life of the catalyst is worthy of note.