2954.     ---------------.  [RUHRCHEMIE, A.-G.]  [Production of Ruhr-Gasoline Hard Paraffin in Connection With the Fuel Synthesis of Ruhrchemie.]  FIAT Reel K-25, no date, frames 3, 572-3, 574; PB 70,216; TOM Reel 292.

        Bergius process yields liquid fuels, while the Fischer-Tropsch method produces paraffins in small quantities.  To obtain paraffin in larger quantities, this method was changed by Fischer and Pichler.  They applied medium pressures of about 10 atm., and paraffin was produced in a liquid state.  A solidity built-in catalyst containing Co is placed in a reactor with water pipes running vertically.  In addition to light and heavy gasoline and gasol, a paraffin mixture is obtained, which can be processed into soft paraffin, through vacuum distillation, 3-6 mm. Hg., and about 300 C. and into Ruhr gasoline hard paraffin.  This solid paraffin is oxidized with nitrous gases, produced by the combustion of NH3.  The long-chained molecules are less frequently cracked by this method than by O2 oxidation.