2950.     ---------------.  [RUHRCHEMIE, A.-G.]  [Properties of Kieselguhr.]  FIAT Reel K-21, 1938, frames 1032-1075; PB 70,212; TOM Reel 288.

                    Average values of 3 types of reduction examined are found to lie very close together.  It also was found by experiment that contrary to established theories the catalytic usefulness of kieselguhr in no way depends on its stability in alkali.  It also was noticed in some samples from Kieselguhr Industrie, Hanover, that catalysts on kieselguhrs with high calcination loss did not react up to full activity.  It is evident from studies made that there is a connection between the temperature treatment of a kieselguhr and its suitability as a carrier.