2929.     RUFF, O., AND BORMANN, W.  [Investigations at Higher Temperatures.  V.  Manganese and Carbon.]  Ztschr. anorg. Chem., vol. 88, 1914, pp. 365-385; Chem. Abs., vol. 9, 1915, p. 435.

        The solubility of C in Mn is 6.82% at 1,312, 6.93% at 1,427, 7.05% at 1,492, and 7.12% at 1,525; the latter boils at 30 mm., and the vapor in equilibrium contains 1.94% C.  Pure Mn boils at 1,510 at 30 mm.  Since the vapor pressure of C up to 3,000 is small, the vapor in equilibrium with Mn melts probably contains its C as carbide; it is also probable that all of the C contained in the melt is combined as carbide.