2915.     RUBINSHTEIN, A. M.  [Catalytic Hydrogenation in the Vapor Phase in Connection With the Degree of Dispersion of the Catalysts.]  Bull. acad. sci. U.R.S.S., Classe sci. chim., 1940, No. 1, pp. 144-150 (in German, pp. 150-151); Chem. Abs., vol. 35, 1941, p. 3512.

        Hydrogenation of C6H6 and CO in the presence of a Ni-Al2O3 catalyst in which the dimensions of the Ni crystals varied 40-102 . was investigated.  C6H6 was hydrogenated in an excess of H2 at 155 and 175, the velocity of the C6H6 stream was 3 cc. per hr., yielding 70.2-75.0% and 83.3-85.5%, respectively, C6H12.  The highest yield was in the more disperse catalyst.  The catalysts with Ni crystals greater than 65 . had little or no activity.  The activation energy also varied within 3,100-10,450 cal. per mol. with the dispersity of Ni 49-102 .  The mixture CO+3H2 was hydrogenated at 230-260 at various velocities of the mixture, 4.6-10.0 l. per hr., yielding CH4; again the most disperse catalysts (49, 58 .) promoted best the transformation of CO into CH4.  Other catalysts had little or no activity.  Presumably, all catalysts of the same chemical nature, metals, and oxides and having the same crystal system and cube as the above catalyst should have the same relation between activity and dispersity.