2912.     RÖTTIG, E. [New Substances With Spinel Structure.]  Angew. Chem., vol. 62, 1950, p.87.

        CuFe5O8, analogous to LiAl5O8 and LiFe5O8, was made at 1,200° C.  Its θ=390° and a=8.389±0.003 Å.  This is a spinel.  CuFe2O4, made at 600°, has θ=490° and is psuedo-tetragonal with a=8.44 Å, c/a=0.975. 


        Mixtures of CuFe2O4 and       2      Fe2O4 have θ=440° and a spinel structure with a=8.377±0.003 Å.  CuAl5O8 is not quite cubic.  CuAl2O4 and CuCr2O4 are not cubic, contrary to the literature.  Li+, Cu+, or Ti4+ spinels could not be obtained.  LiFeTiO4 and LiCrTiO4 are spinels.  LiAlTiO4 is not cubic.  LiFeTiO4 is ferromagnetic with θ=130°.

        ROUDEBUSH, B.  See abs. 626.