2911.     ---------------.  [RÖTTIG, -----.]  [New Experiences With Iron Catalysts for the Normal Pressure Synthesis.]  Erdöl u. Kohle, vol. 3, No. 1, 1950, p. 10.

        Paper presented at the 1949 meeting of Die deutsche Gesellschaft für Mineraloelwissenschaft und Kohlechemie.  By using nonsupported Fe catalysts, it is possible in a straight 1-stage passage at temperatures of about 200° to attain a CO+H2 conversion of 65-70%, corresponding to CO conversion of 85-95%.  The gas charge per hr. amounts to 100 l. per vol. of catalyst.  Water gas is the best gas to use, although the use of H2-rich gas is possible.  Especially favorable is the use of CO-rich gas.  The catalysts must be extracted initially in periods of 4-6 days at the reaction temperature considered.  Several new experiences in the extractions are presented.  The operating time of such Fe catalysts is very high; at almost constant reaction temperature a life of 10,000-11,000 hr. is attained and this can be extended considerably by raising the temperature.  CH4 formation is essentially less than with Co catalysts.  The proportion of hydrocarbons boiling above 320°, calculated on the total liquid yield, is 25-30% by weight as the average of a long operating period.