2910.     RÖTTIG, -----.  [Aromatization of Straight-Chain Aliphatic Hydrocarbons From the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis.]  TOM Reel 138, Doc. 28, 13 pp.

        Some reference is made to the ability of Cr2O3 to convert napthenic and aliphatic hydrocarbons into aromatics and to the possibility of depositing these catalysts on active C, pumice, Al2O3, and silica gel.  Such metals as Ni, Co, Fe, Ta, etc., are mentioned as promoters.  Preliminary treatment of the catalysts with CO2, H2S, PH3 is said to increase their activity.  Reference is made to the work of Huppke-Frey and Moldayskii-Kamuscher with multiple component catalysts.  Calcined magnesite is stated to increase catalyst activity.  It is possible by means of efficient fractionation columns to isolate C5, C6, C7, and C8 hydrocarbons from Fischer-Tropsch gasoline fractions.  A flow sheet of a cyclization is shown.  The economics of the process is discussed.