2909.     ROTH, W. A., AND WIENERT, F.  [Thermochemistry of Iron.]  Arch. Eisenhüttenw., vol. 7, 1934, pp. 455-460; Chem. Abs., vol. 28, 1934, p. 2604.

        Heats of formation of the Fe oxides were redetermined from pure synthetic materials; methods are described in detail.  The heats of reaction, at 20.7°, were found to be:  Fe+1/2 O2=FeO+64.65±0.12 kcal.; 3Fe+2 O2=Fe3O4+266.76±0.22 kcal.; 2Fe+11/2 O2=Fe2O3+195.19±0.20 kcal.; FeO+Fe2O3=Fe3O4+6.94±0.33 kcal.; Fe+11/2 Cl2=FeCl3+93.56±0.23 kcal.; Fe2O3+3Cl2=2FeCl3+11/2O2+8; 07±0.44 kcal. A comparison with older values is added.