2907.     ---------------.  [ROSSINI, F. D.]  Heats of Combustion of Methanol and Ethyl Alcohol.  Bureau Standards Jour. Research, vol. 8, 1932, pp. 119-139; Chem. Abs., vol. 26, 1932, p. 2109.

        Complete information as to apparatus and procedure is given.  The heats of combustion of gaseous MeOH and EtOH, at saturation pressure, from their mixture with air, under constant total pressure of 1 atm. to form gaseous CO2 and liquid H2O were found to be 763.680.20 for MeOH at 25 and 1407.500.40 for EtOH at 32.50, in internat. kilojoules/mol.  By combining with these data the heats of vaporization and correcting the data for EtOH to 25, the heats of combustion of the alcohols, in the liquid state are, at 25 and a constant pressure of 1 atm., respectively:  726.250.20 and 1,366.310.40 internat. kilojoules, or 173.610.05 and 326.610.10 kg.-cal15./mol.

                        ----------.  See abs. 3589.