2906.     ROSSINI, F. D.  Heat of Combustion of Methanol.  Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., United States, vol. 17, 1931, pp. 343-347; Chem. Abs., vol. 25, 1931, p. 4773.

        With the same calorimetric apparatus and procedure that was used for H2, CH4, and CO, the heat of the reaction CH3OH (g)+3/2 O2 (g)=CO2 (g)+2H2O (l) was found to be 763.770.20 internat. kilojoules/mol. at 25.  By combining with this value the data of Flock, Ginnings, and Holton on the heat of vaporization of CH3OH, the heat of combustion of CH3OH (l) is computed to be 726.340.20 internat. kilojoules/mol. at 25, or, with the factor 1.0004/4.185, 173.630.05 kg.-cal15.  The value obtained by Richards and Davis is about 1.5% lower than this, while that of Thomsen agrees with it within the assigned limits of error.  In the present experiments CH3OH was vaporized by a stream of dry air and burned in an excess of O2.  Tests were made to determine the purity of the reaction.  No CO was found, and only negligible amounts of N oxides and HCHO.