2903.     ROSENTHAL, H.  [Manufacture of City Gas From Water Gas.]  Gas- u. Wasserfach, vol. 78, 1935, pp. 436-438; Chem. Abs., vol. 29, 1935, p. 6397.

        One m.3 of water gas containing CO, 39; H2, 51; CO2+H2S 6 and N2 4% can be converted into 0.56 m.3 of city gas, analyzing CO, 16; CH4, 25; H2, 46.2; CO2, 5.5; and N2, 7.3% by catalytic conversion with H2O and methanation.  Half of the water gas is mixed with steam, the CO2 converted into CO and H2 at approximately 500, and the gas cooled in a waste-heat boiler and direct cooler to 50, at which temperature H2S is removed.  Organic S is removed at about 180, and partial methanation, conversion of about 60% of the CO with 3 times as much H2, is carried out at 380 with a Ni catalyst.  Cost data are given for the various steps and over-all costs based on the use of blue gas from peat or brown coal.