2902.     ---------------.  [ROSENDAHL, F.]  [Manufacture of Fat Acids for Soap by Oxidation of High-Molecular Hydrocarbons.]  Ztschr. kompr. flüss, Gase, vol. 38, 1943, pp. 25-30, 37-43, 49-57; chem. Zentralb., 1944, I, p. 1149; Chem. Abs., vol. 39, 1945, p. 3445.

        Oxidation of paraffins is discussed from the standpoint of basis for the process, raw materials, pretreatment of raw materials, oxidation with air and other oxidizing gases, equipment, removal of unsaponifiable (according to the patent literature), use of the fat acids in the soap industry, and for the manufacture of glycerides and fat alcohols.

        ROSENFELD, L.  See abs. 873, 874, 875, 876, 877, 878.